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Post by Spliffy on Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:40 am

Current Rank:Trial-Mod
Time Being Current Rank:I have been trial-mod for about 3 days.
Rank Applying For:Mod
Why Do You Think You Deserve A Promotion? (Answer In At Least A Paragraph): I think is should be mod so i can help out in the community more with ideas and suggestions. Also I will help users if they have a troubles questions or if they need help in a sit.
How Can You Further Help Out With The Community With This Promotion? (Answer In At Least A Paragraph):I can further help the server in ideas and suggestions I can also help in dealing with rule breakers by either warning,kicking,or banning them depending the rule or rules they break. Also giving me mod will let me do more in the server for slaying and other powers to help out.


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