Job Suggestions and server/map suggestions

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Job Suggestions and server/map suggestions

Post by Spliffy on Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:59 pm

*Black Market-Dealer-can sell heavy fire arms, illegal to sell.

*Under Cover cop- Works under cover to find criminals and has disguises for example: Thief, Drug Dealer, Gangster, hit man/mercenary,Mob boss and other criminal job.

*Double-Agent- Someone who can work for criminals or police and can betray also can act like a hit man (can raid/mug/kidnap and steal ONLY if with criminals but can raid if its a police raid )spawns with a pistol (any pistol u think is fair), a shotgun (any shot gun you think is fair) and a bludgeon.

*Hobo- Life in the streets and can build a home, can't own a home beg for money(can build tolls to)hobos can have a pistol(can steal money ONLY) spawn with bug bait and angry hobo swep

*Hobo King- The king of hobos,when there is a hobo king he and his fellow hobos can mug for money(need at least one other hobo) spawns with a pistol(any pistol you guys want) and may buy shotguns.

(V.I.P jobs)

*Joker- A criminal, batman's arch nemesis,(can raid/mug/kidnap/steal) spawns with a pro lock-pick a pro keypad hacker and a pro key-card hacker. Joker can has a pistol(any pistol you think is fair) and a assault rifle(any that's fair) and a bludgeon.

*Batman- A superhero is a cop that spawns with all the police things a bat claw and a clime swep
also spawns with the M9K fist a grappling hook and a shotgun.

(Map/server suggestion)

One map I really suggest is the evil-melon its a big map that has a bank/pd/ more houses/ and that map is for later when you guys have a cap of 30-46 (30-46 people is what servers i see have this map but u can get it with 20).

Something i suggest for the server is a bank were u can rob and have like a bank robber job and other jobs can rob it to and for there to be a pd armory which criminals can rob for guns money (like $10,000) and amo
and the cops could get guns from there.

Another thing i suggest is to get better printers because the printers don't help get a $7,500 printer and get $75 you should put a $5,000 printer than a $15,000,$20,000, and so on the max printer will be like 100,000 and have a vip printer which give more many than the 100,000 one and coast like 120,000.

That's it and thank you please let me know what you think and tell me if disliked or liked a job.
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Re: Job Suggestions and server/map suggestions

Post by Somatic on Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:08 am

+1 Sounds great!


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Re: Job Suggestions and server/map suggestions

Post by Sleepy on Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:50 am

I will run BMD by Ducky and see what he says, we already got better printers, we have Hobo's, Hobo King is useless, I'll run Undercover Cop by Ducky as well.

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Re: Job Suggestions and server/map suggestions

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