Suggestions for classes.

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Suggestions for classes. Empty Suggestions for classes.

Post by quickshot3030 on Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:16 am

Ninja: Can raid and has climb swep so they can jump into peoples bases and raid with ninja leader and thiefs, can also be accepted by a mafia group and be a russian or italian ninja.

Ninja leader: Has everything the ninja has and can do everything they can do accept the ninja leader can choose to have a group of ninjas, and lead them. Ninjas can base.

Assassin: Is a hit man with a silenced rifle/ silenced pistol, they also have the climb swep and an assassin can group with ninjas, mafia, and thieves. (also if you can find a certain add on which allows the Assassin to become less visible in dark areas they he will have that to.

Swat Juggernaut: Has 200 health, a minigun, and a raging bull as a secondary. He is the swat to go in first during police raids and with a powerful minigun he is the swats secret weapon.

Vip classes:

A nice wizard: the wizard is the defender of the earth realm and can cast powerful magics on his foes. he can advert the end is now and kill at most 3 evil doers during the duration (cooldown 10 minutes.) also hates the spooky wizard and can accept trial wizards to help stop the spooky wizard.

A spooky wizard: Everything is the same as the nice wizard accept he can kill 3 good doers during his the end is now advert. (has a 10 minute cooldown) can also accept trial wizards to fight off the good wizard.

Trial wizard: can cast magic and must choose a side either good or evil if the spooky or nice wizard adverts the end is now and you are following the one who adverted it, you are allowed to assist your leader.

The master thief: with a grappling hook at his disposal he can use that quickly to get into places some might have a harder time getting to. He is given a shot gun and can raid with theifs and mafia. He can also join the ninjas, and he can also lead the ninjas if there is no leader.


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Suggestions for classes. Empty Re: Suggestions for classes.

Post by Sleepy on Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:44 am

3 wizards is too much, I'll run the 1st Wizard through Ducky.

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